In the studio

In our patisserie we almost always work with chocolate. That is why everyone who starts in our studio must first work in the chocolate department for a year before they can move on to the patisserie. Chocolate is not an obvious product. You have to know how to work with it without being afraid of it .

Everything starts with tempering . If your chocolate is not at the correct temperature, it will not crystallize properly. If it is too soft, you cannot cut it properly, which means you cannot make a beautiful praline from it.

You must also be able to balance chocolate. Otherwise, the moisture can prevent the praline from keeping for a long time because it can become moldy more quickly. And there are many more challenges for which we prepare every future employee.

Compared to a chef, we are more like pharmacists . Our work is more precise, where everything has to be weighed up. The temperature at which we mix a preparation must be right or it will be too heavy. That is the nature of pastry: do one thing wrong and the biscuit will collapse.

With our pralines it's really all about the filling . That is why we make the layer around the praline as thin as possible so that the focus is almost entirely on what is inside.

Bernard and Jan work on all creations together with Gunther van Essche, head of the studio : “If someone has an idea, we discuss it, try it out and think about the details together. Thanks to this cross-pollination you achieve fantastic results.”


In the shop and the tearoom

Friendly, open and approachable . We want to radiate this to our customers. Nothing is ever too much for us. We listen carefully to what our customers need and try to respond to them as best as possible. We then pass those needs on to the studio.

Because we are located in the diamond district, we receive a lot of Indians. Jainism is an Indian religion where you are not allowed to eat eggs. And so at their request we make pastry without eggs. We go far to please our customers and it is also nice that customers challenge us to be creative.