DelReY in the press


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Datum Naam medium Medium Titel
5/2023 Our Passion - Bakkers Flanders magazine Bakers in the picture
03/24/2023 Bakkers Vlaanderen magazine DelReY Chocolatier produces 20 millionth diamond praline
01/03/2023 het Nieuwsblad krant Chocolate diamonds from DelReY fly over the counter in Tokia, 15 of the 20 million diamond chocolates go to Japan
01/03/2023 Gazet Van Antwerpen krant 20 million diamond chocolates
02/28/2023 DVO magazine Antwerp Chocolatier DelReY makes the 20 millionth diamond praline
02/28/2023 VRT News krant Chocolatier DelReY from Antwerp makes the 20 millionth diamond praline: "Extremely popular, especially in Japan"
12/05/2022 Aiways website What does the future bring? “Taste develops”
10/05/2020 De Zondag krant Local traders in times of Corona
11/04/2020 Gazet Van Antwerpen krant Citta Magazine: Stad met goesting
01/02/2020 Bakkers Vlaanderen (Bart Ceulemans) magazine DelReY produces 1 million chocolates for Japan
14/12/2019 Gazet Van Antwerpen krant Citta Magazine: Lekker feest
20/03/2019 Radio 2 radio Dutchman praises Antwerp catering establishments in his own obituary
09/02/2019 Johan van Baelen from Gazet van Antwerpen website DelReY and Valentine's Day Big in Japan
07/02/2018 Gazet Van Antwerpen krant DelReY is raffling off a chocolate bear
06/01/2018 Njam website The tastiest addresses for an Epiphany cake!
09/12/2017 Weekend Knack magazine The perfect end-of-year party according to... Sarah De Hondt and Adriaan Van Looy (Hungry for More)
01/11/2017 Vivo Culinair magazine Festive atmospheric tables
28/09/2017 Gazet Van Antwerpen krant Chocolate shop Del Rey opens a pop-up in Stadsfeestzaal
01/08/2017 Gazet Van Antwerpen krant Antwerp has everything to become a chocolate city
04/22/2017 Gazet van Antwerpen krant What matters most is the experience
02/2016 Week of pastries website Pateekesweek
24/01/2016 ATV televisie Antwerp chocolatier conquers Japan
12/12/2016 Gazet van Antwerpen krant Del Rey makes chocolate box cake
26/10/2014 VTM televisie 'ZUSTO' IS A NEW SUGAR SUBSTITUTE
25/10/2014 ATV televisie New sugar substitute: Zùsto.
14/06/2013 Torty Od Mamy magazine Kvalita a tradicia nadovsetko
05/04/2013 Kids hits televisie Noa's Kids Hits with Kato @ Chocolatier Del Rey
28/01/2013 Foodies Magazine magazine A day at chocolatier and pastry chef Del Rey
01/11/2012 Passion magazine Innovation continues to fascinate us
01/09/2012 City of Antwerp magazine Typical enjoyment
01/03/2012 Bride & Groom magazine The rise of the macaron
05/04/2012 Desserts magazine Desserts
22/03/2012 VTM televisie For the Show
01/30/2012 VTM televisie The Master Baker
01/04/2011 Smaller moments magazine Living in style
01/01/2011 Z.O. magazine magazine "Continue to innovate because routine is the worst"
04/12/2007 Weekend Knack magazine The Best Chocolate Shops
01/01/2007 Passion magazine "International passion for chocolate"
01/01/1990 Gazet van Antwerpen krant Gazet van Antwerpen
14/12/2006 Libelle magazine "Almost too beautiful to eat"
01/10/2006 Boord & Banket magazine Expansion of range and new corporate identity
10/07/2005 Wablieft krant "Not too bitter, not too sweet"
01/10/2004 Beroepsleven magazine "Del Rey launches eggless pastries"
01/09/2004 krant "White raven Ellen takes a crash course as a pastry chef"
01/06/2004 Boord & Banket krant "The spring seminar of Relais Desserts"
01/04/2004 Boord & Banket magazine From Maison Del Ray to Relais Desserts
01/01/2004 Millesime 2004 magazine "Festive desserts for the end of the year"
01/01/2003 Culinary Ambiance 2003 magazine Chocolate diamonds
01/12/2001 A la carte magazine "The Chocolatier"
01/04/1999 Trends magazine "Professional honor comes before money"
01/07/1996 Weekend Knack magazine "The sweet kitchen"
01/01/1993 City of Antwerp magazine magazine "Feasting cakes in a new style"