The shop's counter displays all kinds of colorful treats: from beautiful cakes, for large and small sweets, to a wide range of cookies, frivolous macaroons and delicious pralines.

These do not appear out of nowhere, because behind the store lies a maze of corridors, rooms and floors. There, behind closed doors, it is buzzing with activity from the craftmen creating the most delicious treats.

Thanks to our organic growth over the years, work is being done diligently in various corners and spread over three floors. Everyone has their own station, because treats require strict organization and correct procedures.

On the ground floor it smells wonderfully of cookies. We freshly bake them every day and finish them à la minute, because each cookie variety can only be in the store for a maximum of two days. We take the term "fresh" very seriously.

On the 2nd floor you can find the chocolate flowing through the trempering machine, ready to be molded into unique praline moulds. And in the cellar, chocolate and biscuits come together to create breathtaking cakes.We deliberately keep certain ingredients physically separated throughout the building, such as flour and liquid chocolate to avoid contamination.

Welcome to our magical world.