For 30 years, exchanges and meetings have created the strength and wealth of Relais Desserts. “Relais Desserts International” was founded in 1981 and is a professional organization that unites the biggest names in pastry. About a hundred pastry chefs from 15 different nationalities together form the top in the world. They have one common goal: bringing top quality pastry closer to the people. Every member of Relais Desserts attaches great importance to concepts such as 'quality' and 'creativity'. Their global savoir-faire of pastry means that they subtly blend tradition with creativity to perfection. Relais Desserts gives all its members the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, working methods and commercialization techniques. This way they can encourage and motivate each other to strive for perfection.

“Unity is strength… also at the top of the pastry industry. The members of Relais Desserts transform the simplest products into an endless choice of enchanting desserts. They invite you to discover their universe, where quality and creativity reign supreme. Welcome to Relais Desserts!”